Strip 3/4" - Bright Red

Strip 3/4" - Bright Red

$2.59 each
Sku: 51315

These SitSpots strips are the perfect solution to managing students . Use them on carpeting to provide children with a visual cue for sitting marks, standing in a line or waiting their turn. They're also great for making 10 Frames! Students love these brightly colored strips and they compliment classroom decors beautifully.

For greater savings, all strips are sold by the yard, and will arrive in one long uncut section depending upon how many yards are ordered. For example - if you order 4 yards of black, you'll receive one strip of black that will be 4 yards long. You can then cut this into whatever length is needed.

SitSpots are compatible with most carpeting (but not all) and can be safely vacuumed over without disturbing them if they adhere properly to your carpeting.

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